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Grain Silo Drying


We can keep your grain cool to keep your profits hot.


Your grain is your livelihood and keeping it cool and dry throughout the winter months is essential for keeping mildew, mould and pests at bay.  With extensive knowledge and experience in temperature and moisture control, we can use our large fleet of heaters, dehumidifiers, air handlers, generators and temperature control equipment to ensure that your grain is stored in optimum conditions and wastage is kept to a bare minimum.


Optimum moisture content

Grain moisture content should be around 14 per cent and temperature should be kept between 12-13ºC or ambient if it is lower.  When the temperature exceeds 13ºC growers risk having crops infested with pests such as grain weevil, saw toothed weevil, rust red grain beetle and grain mites. Our equipment can be set up to maintain the correct environment for your grain throughout the winter months each year, giving you peace of mind that your grain will be kept in the best condition.  Not only will this reduce wastage but will improve the value of crop when selling it on.


Maintenance, improvements and suplementing existing supply

Aggreko can supply equipment for emergency or planned maintenance, or when you want to increase your capacity without investing in permenant installations.

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