Aggreko: power and temperature control rental solutions for the Mining Industry.

Aggreko innovation in the Mining Industry

Aggreko offers temporary power and temperature control solutions to the Mining businesses worldwide, including support for mining infrastructure on open cut and underground mine sites, and mineral process plants.

Rental is often a cost-effective solution for mines and labour camps, where demand can fluctuate rapidly, and the lead-time on permanent solutions may be unacceptably long.  

Aggreko’s range of services and products for the Mining industry include:

Generators from 15 kVA up to 2.1 MVA

Utility-grade power and electrical distribution solutions to provide backup or continuous power during turnarounds and shut-downs

Process cooling equipment ranging from ultra-low temperature through to high-volume chilled water from cooling towers.

Forced-air mine-shaft cooling,

Shovel walking

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