Aggreko: temporary power generation solutions

Aggreko Powers Forward in the Power Generation Industry

Aggreko is the world leader in rental power and temperature control solutions to Utility Power Generators. Our solutions help our customers keep production and profitability flowing while delivering valuable time and cost savings

With customers in over 90 countries, and the world’s largest rental fleet (over 4,500 Megawatts of rental power), Aggreko is equipped to respond to the specialist needs of Power Generators.  Of particular interest to Power Generators is the ability to deploy power packages up to 200 megawatts, including generators and transformers, within days or weeks to particular points of need.  We have solutions running either gas or diesel, and operate at all common utility voltages up to 63kV.

Our applications include:

Supplementing power generation capacity during periods of high demand

Temporary power during planned maintenance or unplanned outages

Peak shaving

Power for construction and commissioning new capacity

Load banks for testing generators and power systems

Rural electrifications for remote areas and islands, not served by the main grid

Cooling towers to manage thermal discharge water temperatures at power plants in times of hot weather or drought.

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